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A professional research and development, design, manufacture and sale of glass, such as glass furnace deep processing equipment of high-tech enterprises

Technical innovation, excellence, honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation

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Welcome to the Aotu Machinery and Equipment

             Luoyang Aotu Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the world's leading glass furnace production base - Luoyang. The company since its inception always adhering to the
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Project Overview

Glass deep processing equipment industry in the thriving, and you work together to grow together

Our advantage

Our advantage

Advanced equipment

Aotu company produced by the equipment quality, performance, energy consumption indicators, industrial technology and other related aspects in the same industry are in the advanced level。

technical support

Our technological innovation and the fundamental interests of customers in the first place, has developed a generation after generation of glass deep processing equipment。

Global supplier

Equipment exported to the United States, Britain, Turkey, India, the Czech Republic, Libya, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iraq, Thailand, South Korea, more than 20 countries and regions, become a global supplier of glass furnace equipment.

service guarantee

I will be in accordance with the requirements of the contract timely delivery, and send technical staff to the buyer, to guide the buyer to install the technical workers, commissioning, production, the buyer operator technical training.

Good quality visible

Product features and use

The use of overhead efficient hot air fan split design

The double chamber is composed of two parts: the preheating section and the heating section Glass in the furnace to stay in the time to increase the loading rate of production capacity greater product quality more stable

Accurate control of air volume to ensure that the glass heating quickly

Frequency control response speed Accurate and stable operation is simple and easy to maintain

High temperature resistant high quality stainless steel

Using the domestic high-quality insulation materials unique laying process and insulation technology to ensure that the furnace The optimum temperature of the chamber temperature and the lowest value outside the furnace wall

Clean and efficient deformation is not easy to use long life

High temperature oxidation resistance of high quality stainless steel convection system clean and efficient deformation is not easy long lasting

Product quality is more stable

Aotu machinery products, through rigorous technical testing, protection provided to you The product is more stable

Precise and stable operation is simple and easy to maintain

Aotu products for you, accurate and stable, easy to operate, easy to maintain

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